20-21″Doe Suede Gathered Body-Full Arms & 3/4 Legs

As described by the bountiful baby, this cuddly body is specially designed by Denise. It made of a flesh color fabric. All seams are serged for added durability. The string ties already included and threaded in the body.

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Neck to crotch seam measures 10”, (the exact measurement depends on precisely where it is measured as well as whether the body is stuffed or unstuffed at the time of measurement). The length the baby ends up will depend on the limbs and head of the baby you start with; it will be about 20-21" when completed.

  • Color: Skin tone
  • Limbs: Full Arms & ¾ Legs
  • Material: Doe suede
  • Joints: Jointed Arms & Jointed Legs
  • String ties: Included

Note: if you need extra cable or string ties, you can find them in many local stores.

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