AR 3D Texture Medium

With these 5 – 6 grams of paint, you can make three-dimensional eyebrows, milk spots, skin and bumpy tongue textures, and many other physical characteristics seen on real babies.

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  • You do not need any odorless thinner (except to clean your brush out)
  • The paint flows smoothly along with the vinyl without running
  • The paint is already transparent, so you do not need to thin it

Here a free mini-tutorial on making realistic eyebrows with this item from the Authentic Reborn company:

Step 1

Put a dab of Premixed Eyebrow Paint on your paint palette using a flat-sided toothpick. Do not use plastic palettes as they will react with Heat Set paints and melt.

Step 2

Gently draw the tip of the brush along the vinyl's surface, leaving a single delicate line for eyebrow hair. A lighter touch will create a thinner eyebrow. Repeat this process until all eyebrow hairs are applied. Using a small round brush apply the 3D Thick Medium in delicate but thick strokes right over the top of the eyebrows you just baked.

Step 3

Bake the 3D Thick Medium at 265 degrees Fahrenheit (1300 C) between each layer that you apply. Add as many layers as possible of 3D Thick Medium until you get the 3D effect you desire, just like regular Genesis paints. Let the head utterly cool before applying any paint.


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