Baby Bubble Maker & Solution

Use Baby Bubble Solution to blow life-like saliva baby bubbles in your baby’s mouth. The easiest way to make great bubbles. This product is as clear as water and holds tiny bubbles, just like real saliva.

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Have you had a hard time trying to blow bubbles in your Aleen's Paper Glaze? Do they keep popping as you make them? The reason for that is that most clear products such as Aleen's Paper Glaze do not have sufficient surface tension to hold the bubbles once you blow them. Products that will make baby tears do not necessarily make good bubbles in a baby's mouth.

Create saliva bubbles in your baby’s mouth using Secrist Baby Bubble Maker with a special Baby Bubble Solution. Now you can create bubbles as perfect as these using a baby bubble maker!

The Baby Bubble Solution comes in a 6ml eyedropper bottle that gives you enough solution to do up to 100 babies.

Note: We sell the PTG instructions on how to Make Baby Bubbles, you can purchase PTG with the bubble maker and solution or separately, please click here.




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