BB-Ethnic Genesis Paints (full set or jar)

Currently, this set is the best for beginners in painting reborn dolls. The artists of BB premixed these colors using Genesis paints. It is a good opportunity to try them before deciding to join the reborn dolls world.

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This set includes eight jars: vein Blue, Lip/Blush/Nail, Ethnic Brow, Flesh03, Flesh05, Flesh07, Nail Tip, and Matte Varnish. Each is 5 grams or more. You can make many dolls even with 5-6 grams.

You can watch the tutorials of Bountiful Baby, either in Arabic by getting it from our site or English DVD (click here), which facilitate your learning in using these paints. Aleene's Paper Glaze is available on our site to give the nail & lips the look of a sheen-wet to follow the tutorials (click here)

Note: you will need to thin these colors with any odorless mineral spirit or odorless thinners to a very delicate watercolor-like for best results.
We have Pebeo odorless mineral spirit on our site if you live in Oman (click here). The shipping companies do not allow for shipping thinners. However, if you are from any other country, you will easily find this thinner or any other brand in your local art & crafts store.

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Full set (5-6grams), vein Blue, Lip/Blush/Nail, Ethnic Brow, Flesh03, Flesh05, Flesh07, Nail Tip, Matte Varnish


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