Heavenly Illusions Needles/Black/42 guage/1 barb

Heavenly Illusions needles are very stable and the best needle for Directional Mono Rooting since the barb is only on one side of the needle; this is less suitable for the traditional technique (placing a lock of hair and prick).

Please read below for further details.


  • With proper use, this needle pulls just one hair into the vinyl. Therefore, you must check the needle position and ensure the edge of the triangular shaft with the barb (must facing the vinyl); Since only one edge has a notch, a tiny slit is created pierced, but the hair covers it. So this needle does less damage to the vinyl, although it is a bit stronger.


  • Do not force your needle into the doll's head; it is better to warm your doll head by the heat lamp or change the gauge needle you are using to a finer needle.
  • Please be careful when using them because of their sharpness and brittle; children should not use them.
  • Suggest cleaning your needle by rubbing it with alcohol before starting your hair rooting and preferable not to clean it until you begin the rooting process to preserve your needles with their factory oils.


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