Glass Beads/Weighting Doll Bodies

A glass bead is one of the most popular products for weighting the reborn dolls to create a natural weight. It can add a realistic feeling when carrying or cuddling the doll. Without this product, you will feel that a doll is light and stiff like a toy.

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  • Shape: Spherical, irregular diamond
  • Gross weight: Approx. 453.592 grams/ 1 pound per bag
  • Item Diameter:20/30 mesh, Grit 24-36
  • Range/ Granulometry: 600-850 (microns)

What are the characteristics of glass beads?

  • Clean, transparent appearance, no obvious bubbles, and impurities
  • Chemical composition is stable
  • No injury and machining surface and precision dimensions
  • Very suitable for weighting dolls, it is not like a sand 


  • Stuffing and weighing down your doll should be the last step of reborning.
  • We prefer to use nylon bags when filling the beads into the doll.

(please see our nylon trouser stocking click here)

Additional information

Weight 0.510 kg


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