Heavenly Illusions Needles/Pink/42 guage/3 barb

Heavenly Illusions Pink needle is very stable and is the ideal needle for thickness mohair types. It is especially suitable for rooters who like to take the mohair by their ends and not from the hair center.

Please see below for further details.


Due to the shape and spiral arrangement of the barbs, you pull the hair ends more in-depth into the vinyl, with no unwanted stubble sticking out, and due to its exceptionally rounded shape, it avoids unwanted holes in the vinyl. Also, that helps to prevent hair from breaking during rooting. If the head is warmed by a heat source (e.g., halogen lamp) or a rice bag, the needle slides through almost by itself and leaves hardly any visible punctures.


  • Do not force your needle into the doll's head; it is better to warm your doll head by the heat lamp or change the gauge needle you are using to a finer needle.
  • Please be careful when using them because of their sharpness and brittle; children should not use them.
  • Suggest cleaning your needle by rubbing it with alcohol before starting your hair rooting and preferable not to clean it until you begin the rooting process to preserve your needles with their factory oils.

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