Heavenly Illusions/a pack of German rooting needles

These needles are suitable for rooting hair and eyelashes. It is a top-quality set of 8 rooting needles. The colors are coded into 8 categories to distinguish between them when using the needles. You can choose 8 pieces (one pcs from every type) or 16 pieces (two pcs from every type).

Please read below for further details.


This pack includes eight types of needles are:

  • Red: Crown needle, 46 gg with 6 barbs
  • Blue: Spiral needle, 43 gg with 6 barbs
  • Yellow: Fork needle, 43 gg with one barb
  • Pink: Crown needle, 42 gg with 3 barbs
  • White: Ring-shaped needle, 42 gg with 3 barbs (inline)
  • Lavender: EcoStar needle, 42 gg with 3 barbs
  • Black: Single barb needle, 42 gg with one barb
  • Green: Crown needle, 40 gg with 3 barbs

General information

  • Gauge

The needle gauge refers to the needle diameter, the higher the gauge, the finer the needle, and the smaller the barbs. There is a variety pack of needles to achieve your desired result (40g/ fine,42g/very fine,43g/super fine,46g/extremely fine). The use of the needles depends on some factors such as the thickness of the hair type and their quality (kid or adult hair, yearling, alpaca, real hair) or the vinyl doll material (soft, medium, hard, very hard) and the artist ability to rooting hair.

  • Barbs numbers

The greater number of barbs will allow the needle to root the hair faster than fewer barbs (6 barbs,3 barbs,1 barbs). To add fine details, you can begin with the white needle 42G triangular shape with 3 barbs, and usually this needle suitable for Micro-rooting and very strong, it grabs 1 to 2 hairs at a time, and are distributed in line on all three edges of the working part, it leaves a star-shaped puncture.

  • The thickness of the needles

Even with the highest quality of the rooting needle in the market, most of them are possibly broken if not used correctly. To reduce breakages, use the needle in a straight in, straight out motion. Also, do not force your needle into the doll's head; it is better to warm your doll head by the heat lamp or change the gauge needle you are using to a finer needle.


  • Please be careful when using them because of their sharpness and brittle; children should not use them.
  • Suggest cleaning your needle by rubbing alcohol before starting your hair rooting and preferable not to clean it until you begin the rooting process to preserve your needles with their factory oils.

Note: You will find more details for each needle type in our product description separately for each color.


Additional information

Weight N/A

8 pc, 16 pc


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