kalidah by Ping Lau

Kalidah is a vinyl doll kit sculpted by Ping Lau. It will measure approx. 32 inches (toddler-sized) when completed. Please read the description for more details. 




In stock

  • Full price: $209.99
  • Limbs:  Full Arms & 1/2 Legs
  • Eyes: Not included; suggested size 22-24mm
  • Body: Included Custom Body, Head, and arms connectors
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Included

The kit material is high-quality vinyl and a limited edition produced by Lifelike babies & toddlers in Germany

kalidah is toddler-sized; she can wear cloth size 3-4 years old

The displayed photos show how other talented artists made their dolls, an example to help you imagine what the doll kit can look like when completed.

Kindly note:

You will receive an unfinished doll of the unpainted blank vinyl head, full arms, ½ legs, custom cloth body, head & arms connectors, and certificate of authenticity.




Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg


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