Kingart- Premium Oval Mop Brush Set

This 6 Piece brush set contains an assortment of short-handled oval mop brushes with goat hair bristles. These premium quality mops are the finest available. Recommended by Maxine Mop as a replacement for her former Maxine Mop. Ideal for color blending with oils or acrylics.

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This set provides a terrific range of sizes so that you can blend & wash.

  • Brush Material: Finest-quality ultra-soft white natural filament
  • Handle Type: Features a wood stain handle with black crimped nickel-plated ferrule
  • Shape: Oval Mop
  • Sizes:  1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 & 1.
  • Dimensions: 10 × 6.5 × 1.5 inches
  • Total weight: approx.300 grams

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Weight 0.340 kg


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