Large Color Wheel

Large, Clear, practical, and lightweight Color Wheel. It helps you choose the perfect mixture of pigments for your painting procedure.

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Specifications: Diameter: 23.5cm
Shape: round

How to use the color relationship wheel?
Generally, for mixing your colors:
Select a color outside the wheel. Then align it with a color on the inside wheel. Finally, the mixture appears in the window.
For reborn dolls artist:
When you purchase any vinyl doll, sometimes the vinyl color comes orange or red, or grey, and you need to neutralize your vinyl color before starting your process to achieve your desired doll's skin color or to fix any color mixing problems.
For example, if your vinyl doll is too orange and you need to neutralize the color, in this case, look at the orange color in the wheel. Then turn the wheel and look at the opposite side, and you will see the arrow in front of the blue color. After neutralizing your doll with a blue color, you get rid of your doll's orangey color base.
Remember that you can implement as many layers as you want, but your paint should be thin,  transparent and avoid your doll's chalky look.

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