Making Reborn Baby Dolls with Denise Pratt (English DVD)

Learn with Denise Pratt how to make a reborn doll on this DVD. If you are interested, please see below for the list of the products she used in her tutorial. All copyrights reserved for Bountiful Baby.


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There are two choices if you want to learn from this DVD

  • Purchase our starter kit for beginners and it will include all needed supplies by clicking here, or
  • Check the products list below and find them on our site or any other store.

The products list is as follows:

1. 24-page Full-Color Instructions (you can download them by clicking here)
2. Four 1-pound Bags of Clear Glass Beads, (click here)
3. Painting Palette/ Ceramic (click here)
4. Comb Razor (click here)
6. Custom Genesis Complete paints set/ baby skin (click here) or ethnic skin (click here)
7. Genesis Thinning Medium (click here)
8. Tacky Glue (click here), or E6000 Glue (click here)
9. Aleene's Paper Glaze (click here)
10. Curved Hemostats (click here)
11. Cosmetic Wedges (click here) and (click here)
12. One Pair of Knee Highs to contain Glass Beads (click here)
13. Five Brush set for Painting with Genesis (click here)

  •  (1 mop brushes, #1 Round brush, size 10/0 Liner brush, size 2 Flat or Filbert brush, size 20/0 or 18/0 Short Liner )

14. Micro-Rooting Tool (click here)
15. 5 Pre-cut Needles (click here)
16. Double Pointed Cotton Swabs (click here)
17. Toothpicks (you can find them easily in your local market)
18. One Pair of Eyelashes (click here) and (click here)
19. 1/4 ounce of mohair ( you can choose by clicking here)
20.  Polyfil 4oz (click here)

Denise Pratt used their Odorless Thinner for thinning the Genesis paints instead of the Genesis Thinning Medium. You can order it from our site or any local crafts store because it is classified as a hazardous product by shipping companies and they will refuse to ship it outside Oman, so please search for it in your local market.

The DVD uses Genesis Air Dry Gloss Varnish.  This is no longer available in the bountiful baby, so for this step they recommend Aleene's Paper Glaze.

The DVD also uses paint color Creases. Creases can be mixed using the following colors until you get a mauve like color:

Genesis Brow Brown
Genesis Vein Blue
Genesis Lip/Blush/Nail
(Please note that you will need the least of Vein Blue.)
You will need mostly the Lip/Blush/Nail with a touch of the others.

Cuticle nippers are an optional item and can be purchased from any local store. They are used to make a precision smooth edge cut on cable ties.


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