AR Sweetheart Rose Complexion(Lip, Blush, Creases)

AR Sweetheart Rose Complexion set comes in three jars: Lips, Blush, and Creases. Each small jar comes with approximately 5-7 grams of paints. All are premixed.

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As described by Authentic reborn, you can apply these paints without any thinner at all - or only using a tiny bit! Just use a small bit of color and spread it as light as possible to get the most realistic translucent look. Make each baby more natural by using perfectly proportioned premixed paints.

Authentic Reborn paints are created with just the right amount of transparency. Reborners can paint lips that look realistically soft and translucent instead of lipstick.

Artists can apply blush without worrying about making it too dark.

The creases can look like gentle shadows in the folds instead of looking like the baby is hurt!

Bake all Authentic Reborn paints at 265° Fahrenheit or 130° Celsius. The suggested bake time is 8 minutes.

For the most accurate curing, use an oven thermometer. (You can find it on our site).

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Blush Jar, Creases Jar, Lip Jar, Full Set (Blush, Creases, Lip)


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