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Questions about the Reborn Doll

What is the meaning of Reborn Dolls?

A reborn doll is a vinyl doll made to resemble a human infant as realistically as possible; This idea came in the early nineties from doll lovers in the United States of America. After that, this art enjoyed great popularity in the rest of other European countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and others.

What's the point of making and buying reborn dolls if they don't fit most young children?

Some people buy reborn dolls because they have a passion for dolls and collecting them since their childhood as is the case with ordinary dolls, Or some prefer to buy it to overcome their grief after losing their children, Or as a doll that simulates a certain age stage for their child to remind them of it after he reaches puberty, Or to make their own business by selling ready-made dolls.

I'm not an artist and I don't have any knowledge of coloring beforehand. Can I try making it?

yes , It became clear from the Resume of many European female artists that they started colouring dolls by chance for one reason or another; If you are a fan of dolls, watching pictures of children, and have tendencies for handicrafts, sewing, fine arts, and the like, you may be able to successfully try it.

Why are the prices of these doll moulds different on the Internet?

When purchasing, please pay attention to the title of the product you want to buy, whether it is a doll mold or a ready-made doll, because the prices of dolls in the market, like other products sold at retail, differ in prices, as there are original and imitated, And if you find a significant drop in the price on the network for some, check whether it is original, because most distributors of dolls have a nearly uniform price with a slight difference compared to currency exchange or the cost of shipping and taxes to the distributor.

But if you want to buy a ready-made doll from the net, you should compare the price with the original mold, as the manufacturer will make a great effort to give the doll a realistic appearance, It is unreasonable for the price of the original mould to be equal to the price of the finished doll.

The prices of our dollhouse moulds are identical to the prices of licensed distributors of doll producers and sculptors.

How much does the doll cost after making it?

The doll’s price after its manufacture varies according to the expertise of craftsmanship. and accuracy of manufacture from hundreds to thousands of dollars for its realism, The evaluation depends on the artist and the level of prices in the market. The manufacturer may recover the cost of its manufacture after the sale. He may want a business in this field.

Question and Answer

What is the process of making a reborn doll?

This process is called re-borning. The process of making reborn dolls consists of several steps, some of which take a long time.

Vinyl dolls vary in size, shape, materials used in industry, which makes some desirable, Or more popular than some others With multiple layers of paint added by hand with some treatment as doll putty, Sometimes some steps in the manufacturing process may be overlooked. In some cases, the doll may need many external and internal modifications to appear more realistic. You can also choose a set of special supplies for Reborn dolls, such as hair, eyes, and pieces of clothing.

The time it will take depends on how accurate and experienced the person making it is, As the hobbyists work on coloring the mold in a color similar to the color of the skin of newborns to be vibrant, And that is by applying several layers of color to the vinyl doll after entering a hot oven in order to fix the color.

Also, the manufacturer may take a long time to install the doll’s hair, his hair, his hair in the doll’s head, by rooting the hair with excellent quality, whether mohair, alpaca or natural human hair, This is to give it a sense of realism in terms of texture and appearance.

Or, the crafting process may take less time if you prefer drawing and coloring the hair with a product that gives it a three-dimensional dimension.

What is the difference between the original and replica doll mould?

The original doll mold has the property rights of the sculptor, whether an individual or a company, Most of them come with a certificate of authenticity. In addition, the vinyl made from the mold is less harmful to health when colored and heated, in terms of the emission of toxic carbon emissions, The original also conforms to international standards compared to the replica vinyl doll.

Also, most of the ready-made fake dolls are actually cheap plastic dolls other than what they look like in the pictures.

How can I distinguish whether the doll mould or the finished doll is original?

The way this is known varies, as there are a large number of sculptors and doll producers.

For example, most sculptors issue certificates of authenticity, They put their names or their own letters at the back of the doll’s neck. And that sculptor would have taken a long time to sculpt the doll with clay through several stages.

Or sometimes the mould is sculpted by a certain artist, and she assigns the process of producing her moulds to a specific company. They may issue certificates of authenticity as desired by the artist. They may not be issued if the doll is inspired by the sculptor’s imagination. However, the sculptor’s or product’s letter marks remain below the doll’s neck.

Or some templates are a scan of the face of a real baby, such as the Pontifical Baby Company, The production is carried out through an integrated work team, This company issues a birth certificate as a certificate of authenticity if it is a scan of the face of a real child, and does not issue certificates if it is otherwise.

We conclude from the above that most of the original dolls must put their own names or letters on the back of the neck of the doll.

Will you be showing ready-made dolls in the future?

Yes, we will provide ready-made dolls in the future, We may recommend dealing with some of the old artists in this field, But at the moment we have original uncoloured (not ready-made) doll moulds with all the necessary supplies to make them.

Why aren't reborn dolls suitable for young children?

In terms of their manufacture, the reborn dolls are hand made, and this requires caution in using layers of colour, drawing the veins, and heating the doll in the oven to fix the colour, And that’s hard to do for a little girl.

In terms of acquiring a ready-made doll, it is up to the buyer whether he sees his child is able to take care of the doll because its head is not fixed and it must be carried like a real child, And the colour of the doll may spoil if mishandled, as it is not recommended at all to bring the reborn doll to water or soap for the purpose of bathing or the like.

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